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BankersHub 2023

Bluegrass Community Bankers Association has partnered with BankersHub to bring our members ongoing training needed to ensure your staff stays current on regulatory requirements and industry trends. Online webinars on payments, retail banking, compliance, hot topics and more are available to our member banks exclusively in Kentucky. Every webinar registration includes the recorded playback that does not expire and may be shared internally.


Webinars: Use Coupon Code BCBASAVE

·    $199 for single webinars or 33% discount from the BankersHub price of $295.

·    $249 for two-part webinars or 37% discount from the BankersHub price of $395.

·    $349 for 3-part Bootcamp webinars or 36% discount from the BankersHub price of $549.


For a list of webinar courses click here.




To purchase click here


$2,495 The BankersHub Passport grants you AND EVERYONE AT YOUR INSTITUTION OR COMPANY 12-months of access to all sessions for a low price of just $2,495. With hundreds of webinars annually and the ability to register ANY of your colleagues into BankersCollege at no additional cost, there is NO BETTER VALUE for online financial services training!


This purchase includes registrations for ANYONE at your institution (who registers with and maintains an email address domain equal to the Passport member firm) to attend any upcoming webinars on our events calendar during your membership period, along with the playbacks associated with those events.

Passport Members also get on-demand Certifications at the special price of just $495 each, regardless of the certification’s public price, which can range from $795 to $1895). Note that Certifications are not included free under the terms of Passport webinars.


Banking Certifications: Prices Vary!


To advance professionally it is important to demonstrate proven proficiency and understanding around all aspects of key disciplines. BankersHub offers Certifications in the areas of eBanking as well as accounting for financial institutions. For focused learning, BankersHub has Certificates available in topics like Debit Cards, Fraud, ACH, Wire Transfer and more. Use these links created specifically for BCBA!


·    Real Time Payments

·    AAP Prep Training

·    Cannabis Banking Professional

·    BSA/AML Professional

·    Certified Treasury Manager

·    Certified Fraud Specialist

·    E-Banking Professional

·    E-Banking Specialist

·    E-Banking Internal Audit

·    Bank Accounting Specialist

·    ACH Certification

·    Check and RDC Certification

·    Debit and ATM Card Certification

·    Wire Transfer Certification

·    Universal Branch Employee Certification

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